How to Install Knotwood

Video guides with information on how to install the different types of Knotwood products.


Interlocking cladding boards are attached with a unique hidden fastener system to create a clean finish, hiding unsightly screws or rivets.

Fence & Gates

Knotwood has specifically designed fence components that make installation simple with no need for pre-drilling, utilizing our hidden fastener and spacer system means no more unsightly screws or rivets. The use of clip together U-channels make installing on a grade or uneven terrain a breeze.


Full range of finishing angles and clips to conceal the fasteners make installation easy and clean. Any seams made should be made a the joists. Profiles are designed for 16” joist centers.


The Fence system can be attached to pre existing walls and surfaces or used in conjunction with Knotwood’s decking or siding systems. The railings are based on a simple slat system that allows flexibly with style and design. The slats are simply inserted into a groove system using spacers to achieve the desired look.

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