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Longboard ECO

Using at least 50% recycled aluminum, Longboard ECO™ products instantly reduce the carbon emissions of the first three steps in the aluminum extraction process.

After ore is mined, the Bayer process which refines bauxite into alumina accounts for 28% of the entire embodied carbon of aluminum products.

Next, the electrolysis smelting Hall–Héroult process produces 99.5–99.8% pure. This energy intensive process is the largest contributor to the carbon emissions of the aluminum production cycle. Recycled aluminum requires no electrolysis, thus it does not end up in this process.


Less mining, less refining, and less smelting means a savings of approximately 45% of total embodied carbon in our Longboard ECO™ aluminum products.


Our products have more recycled aluminum than the industry average, meaning we are reducing embodied carbon on a tangible level to make change.

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Cradle-to-gate (Using
50% Recycled AL)

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