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Marketing Materials

Logo and marketing files for keeping your graphics within BNT Supply Corp's Brand Guidelines  

BNT Supply Corp Logo

Logo Variations

BNT Supply Corp uses one main logo with the default being our signature brown combined with white for the "SUPPLY CORP". There are other acceptable variations and the logo is versatile enough to fit any color combination for special design projects. The design rule would be to use the background color for lower text and the main color for the "BNT" and rectangle. You can download our logo packet below.

Logo Download

Brand Guidelines

How To Use BNT Supply Corp's Branding

Please download the Brand Guidelines for details on using BNT Supply Corp's logo and branding styles for any marketing materials related to use or the products we sell on your business' website and/or social media. You can download the guide below.

Guide Download

Need More Help?

Reach Out!

If you are having issues finding the correct look for using our logo or other marketing materials, reach out to our marketing through our customer service email, Title your email "BNT Supply Corp Marketing Help" and detail in the email any specific you may need assistance with and we will respond by the next business day.