Self Mating Slat 150mm x 16mm - (6" x 5/8") - 5.65m (18'6")

KnotwoodSKU: KESM15016-5650-WR1

Color: Western Red Cedar
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Type: Self Mating Slat

Size: 150mm x 16mm - (6" x 5/8")

SKU: KESM15016-5650


The Knotwood cladding system comprises a few simple components that ensure full compliance with building standards. We encourage you to seek advice from building professionals for correct installation. 

Our cladding system is based on a tongue and groove design that includes extra components to easily maneuver around windows, corners, and joints. All cladding extrusions are 18 ft. 6 in. in length to ensure easy coverage of large areas.

Cladding System

Cladding Project Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the cladding system waterproof?

A: Knotwood cladding is designed as a facade fixed product and is not intended to be a total waterproofing system. The interlocking system does lend itself well to easy waterproofing, and it will not degrade if subjected to heavy rain or driving wind. Proper waterproofing measures should always be taken to prevent damages to your home. Please refer to our installation guide for further information and suggestions.

Q: How does the cladding system handle temperature changes?

A: Aluminum is a thermally conductive material. High temperatures and freezing cold will not damage this material. It will, however, expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. The Knotwood cladding system is designed with this in mind and uses specialized clips to conceal any thermal expansion or contraction without damaging the material. Please refer to our installation guide for further information.

Q: Can the cladding system be used in hurricane zones?

A: Knotwood cladding is very durable when properly installed. If you live in an area often or likely struck by hurricanes, we recommend expert engineering advice when installing. Knotwood cladding is designed as an external fixing, and it relies on the strength of the surface it is fixed to in the event of a natural disaster. 

Q: Is the Knotwood cladding system fire-rated?

A: Knotwood is ideal for fire-danger areas. Aluminum does not ignite under normal circumstances, and our powder coating contains no combustible fuels or flammable materials.

Knotwood decks are composed of all metal components and fasteners designed for ultimate strength and durability. Knotwood decks are created with a focus on effortless installation thanks to a choice of two simple snap together systems. Both systems are designed to conceal fasteners and leave a seamless and wood like finish.

The Knotwood self-mating design uses the same extrusion piece that clips together to form a slat-like finish, which results in less overall waste. Our overlapping board system achieves a gapless finish but requires knowledge of the proper installation process. All decking extrusions are supplied in lengths of up to 6.5m, which allows for spanning over large areas while maintaining strength and form.

Decking System

Decking Project Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Knotwood decking  become slippery when wet?

A: Knotwood decking is not slippery when wet. It is suitable for most covered and dry areas. If used around swimming pools and other similarly wet areas, we recommend an extra anti-slip coating that can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Q: I have pets. Does Knotwood decking scratch easily?

A: Knotwood decking is similar to timber in this regard. Heavy and sharp objects moved across the surface can damage the finish, but normal wear and tear is unlikely to permanently damage Knotwood decking. Touch-up paints can be color matched to the timber grain and provided upon request if a deep scratch does appear.

Q: Does Knotwood decking become hot to walk on after sitting in the sun?

A: Aluminum has great heat dissipation properties. It will heat up during daytime, but the powder coat layer insulates the metal. It will typically run no hotter than a standard timber deck, even during the hottest parts of your day. Unlike timber, aluminum can cool with extreme haste - it can cool completely after sitting in shade within a minute. 

Q: How much spacing should my joists have for this material?

A: The Knotwood decking system is designed to operate safely under 16” Centers.

Q: I don’t want to see the joist at the ends of my deck. Do you have something I can use to cover these?

A: Yes! We offer a two-part slat system that can face fix to joists in order to hide them. This slat system can also be used as stair risers.

Maximum SizeMost Product Have No Limit (See Project's Guide) For Individual Details & Specs
Maximum Design PressureSee Project Data Sheet(s) / Product Approval(s)
ProfileMaterial Type – T6-6063 Aluminum power coated Interlocking slats / blades Insulation – Knotwood™ Dealer Maximum Shutters, USA Country of Origin – USA Gauge – (See Product Approvals For Details)
BenefitsFBC Hurricane Approved 85% noise reduction 12% cooler in summer 15% warmer in winter 98% light block out 35% energy efficient Eliminates condensation Reduces glare Rust prevention medium 65% components aluminium
ApplicationsFences, Railing, Enclosures, Battens, Decking, Doors, Doorways, Windows, Bars, Roof Windows, Canteens, Pergolas, Verandas, Cabanas, Bay Windows, Garden Windows, Curved Windows, Atrium's, Patios Closets, Cupboards, Partitioning Areas, Fascia Screens, Dividers, Walls and much more...
SuitabilityAll interior and exterior environments globally. Whether inside or outside, Knotwood™ products work any. With a 15 year warranty from Knotwood™ directly. Hi grade, hi end simulated aluminum wood, for thousands of applications worldwide. Maintenance Free!
WarrantyResidential applications 15 years on parts and materials. Commercial applications 5 years on parts and materials.

Depends on product type and what projects are in production at the time. Most systems usually require 4-6 weeks lead time once order is confirmed.

Approximate Lead Times  (May vary by material availability)

Accordions:  4 - 6 Weeks

Bahamas & Colonials:  (White)  4 - 6 Weeks / (Custom Color)  5 - 7 Weeks

Rolling Shutters:  5 - 7 Weeks

Rolling Screens:  5 - 7 Weeks  

Clear Storm Panels:  10 - 14 Days

Storm Panels:  7 - 10 Days

Hurricane Fabric:  4 - 5 Weeks

Impact Windows & Doors:  5 - 6 Weeks

Knotwood Products:  7 - 14 Days

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