Looks like Wood, but NOT Wood

Knotwood is a multifunctional material that can be utilized in a multitude of functions. It features aluminum systems that look and feel like wood with the added benefits of great sustainability, safety, and ease of use. With zoning boards and environmental issues hindering many wood-based projects, Knotwood can provide a number of solutions. Not only is Knotwood available in a huge variety of beautiful wood aesthetics, but it is functionable in a great deal of scenarios. This may sound too good to be true, but Knotwood has already successfully replaced its wood counterpart in many cases.

Knotwood utilizes aluminum systems that conceal the ugly industrial looks of exposed joins, screws, rivets, and fasteners, offering a clean installed appearance. The idea is to provide an easy and effortless installation that is both durable and versatile. Knotwood can be used in lieu of wood in most scenarios – including fencing, gates, decking, cladding, battens, pergolas, and awnings. If you live in an area where building a deck with flammable materials is prohibited, Knotwood decking should be approved. It is an efficient system that requires low maintenance and low stress. 

Knotwood is not designed just for architects or contractors. It is something that can be purchased and used at your own home for a variety of house projects. While decks are a popular and stable use of Knotwood, fencing, railings, enclosures, and gates are all possible additions that will not only work as desired but enhance the aesthetic of your home. Installing Knotwood at your home helps increase the value of your property by reducing maintenance cost that is inherent with natural wood materials. Think of the money saved by requiring only one installation of Knotwood over replacing or repairing damaged wood.

But how does Knotwood create such a convincing wood-look? The answer: Powder Coating. The process of powder coating allows for Knotwood to offer its product in a large range of colors. Unique to Knotwood, the powder used is electrically charged and baked in an oven, which fuses together in a smooth and permanent finish. Not only does this give access to extensive color choice, but the powder coating process also ensures a more consistent, durable, and rich color. In addition, Knotwood’s lifelike wood-look and wood grain colors are textured to feel like real wood – all thanks to the process of sublimation In order to achieve a wood-look unique to each piece of Knotwood, a wood grain dye is applied to the powder coated aluminum and cooked. This allows the dye to sublimate – that is, to turn into a gas before becoming absorbed into the previous layer of coating. With a selection of over 28 wood grain choices, the options are substantial. 

When considering upcoming projects – both commercial and/or home – a touch of Knotwood can increase appeal, durability, and sustainability while providing easier installation with significant value. Compared to real wood, Knotwood products have a lifespan of over 25 years. Not only is Knotwood resistant to insect damage, but Knotwood is also non-warping and non-porous. Additionally, Knotwood comes with over 15 years of color stability, something that natural or stained wood routinely needs repairing. With virtually no maintenance or replacement costs and a lifespan that could outlast your mortgage, Knotwood is irresistible. Maintain a timeless and beautiful natural wood-look with the reliability of aluminum with Knotwood.